#TECH: IFROGZ Bluetooth Sound Solutions by ZAGG Inc.

IFROGZ, a ZAGG Inc. brand specializing in creative mobile accessories, has introduced a full range of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that allow customers to plug into their music without the inconvenience of wires. The new IFROGZ lineup is designed to cut the cord and deliver a more enabling experience while alleviating bulky earbuds and control modules, two challenges that plague existing Bluetooth audio solutions. The entire IFROGZ lineup moves this technology to an innovative new wireless hub that magnetically clips to your shirt collar. Phone call and music controls remain easily within reach while you seamlessly connect to your devices, and the magnetic storage clip allows you to safely manage your cords when the earbuds are not in use.


The IFROGZ Collection includes:

Impulse Wireless – featuring Reflective Acoustics, an advanced audio technology that formulates sounds based on the fundamentals of human hearing, these high-quality drivers reflect sound off an internal chamber to deliver sound with accurate tonal  balance, even dispersion, natural clarity, and a rich, dynamic range, resulting in an outstanding listening experience.

tech - ifrogz wireless earbuds - image 1 - Impulse Wireless
Impulse Wireless (R700 RRP)


Charisma Wireless – With women representing half of all Bluetooth device sales, the female-inspired Charisma is designed specifically by women, for women. These drivers deliver solid bass and chiming highs for unparalleled sound.

tech - ifrogz wireless earbuds - image 2 - charisma
Charisma Wireless (R600 RRP)


Summit Wireless – The sports audio category has grown in volumes since 2014 and the Summit is designed with an active lifestyle in mind. These drivers feature a soft, secure-fit wing that nestles in the curve of your ears to keep them in place no matter the activity.

tech - ifrogz wireless earbuds - image 3 - summit
Summit Wireless (R600 RRP)


The IFROGZ line of Bluetooth audio products is now available online at ZAGG.

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