#FASHION: Accessorise Your Style with 1 Of 1 Creations

Every now and then something special happens in local fashion. A designer decides to break all rules and creates something fresh or a new stash of handmade leather goods pops up at a market. 1/1 Creations, pronounced, 1 of 1 Creations, is another example of such a special something to happen to us.


The brand is the brainchild of young journalist, Gerry Cupido. As an individual with bipolar, dealing with highs contrasted with extreme lows, she channels the moments by digging in deep, finding herself and creating 1/1 Creations as authentic as she is.



The sets of earrings are all individual and independent of each other. No two pairs are alike, in any form, style or manner. Its unique personified, well, perhaps characterised more than personified. They each have their own personalities, coming to life when worn and teasing to be showcased when not.


Prices range from R200 – R350 on average, and Gerry is available to take on custom orders for that specific outfit you might have for that exciting gala dinner you are attending. Make sure to follow 1/1 Creations via Instagram, Facebook and you can email your enquiries and orders to Gerry Cupido.


#1of1creations #accessories


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