#TRAVEL: Unique, uplifting luggage covers brought to you by Uzwelo Bags in partnership with Samsonite

Never miss your luggage on that overcrowded carousel again! The struggle is real, loads of identical bags trundling past, and you either grab the wrong one or spend so long dithering over whether that black suitcase is yours, you miss it. Made out of excess banner fabric, these creative, eye-catching luggage covers by Uzwelo Bags not only make your bags easy to spot, they’re helping uplift the country, too.


These unique luggage covers also protect your suitcase against general wear and tear caused by travel and airport handling, provide added security courtesy of the chunky zip which can be locked with a padlock, they are fully washable, and the unique patterns make them easily identifiable.

The brainchild of Expand a Sign, the Uzwelo Bags initiative makes use of the excess textile fabric produced by Expand a Sign’s banner creation process. Teams of sewers from underprivileged backgrounds make unique and truly South African bags, uplifting themselves, their families and their community.


These luggage covers are available to fit 68cm, 75cm, 81cm and 86cm suitcases, retailing from R450 to R499.

Samsonite & Uzwelo Luggage Cover 2 - renaissance living.jpg

Buy your cover from House of Samsonite Luggage stores or online on www.houseofsamsonite.co.za. For more information on Uzwelo, visit www.uzwelo.co.za.


On Instagram: @uzwelobags and @houseofsamsonite.


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