#TASTE: An Epic Scottish Leader Whisky Experience In The Jozi Sky

Scottish Leader is introducing a limited release of its flagship; a luxuriously silky and rich 12yearold blended Scotch whisky, to the South African market. A bestseller in Taiwan for many years, South African whisky lovers now have the opportunity to add a bottle of Scottish Leader 12yearold to their collections.

This singular, award-winning whisky is crafted using a bespoke blend of the finest Highland and Speyside malts, combined with Scottish grains for a smooth, approachable style. The majority of the Highland and Speyside  malts selected are matured in American oak casks which contribute toward the rich oak and vanilla characteristics, and the fruity, floral elegance.


It is crafted by a single, dedicated blending team with nearly 400 years’ combined experience, spearheaded by female lead blender, Dr Kirstie McCallum, who offers a wealth of experience and skill, as well as a forward-thinking, dynamic outlook. Her signature on each bottle is her personal guarantee of the commitment and high values she and her team bring to the ancient art of whisky blending.

Similar to the other two Scottish Leader expressions available in South Africa; Original and Signature, the packaging is contemporary, reflecting a modern take on Scotch whisky. It stands tall and proud, showcasing the soaring eagle brand icon. Scottish Leader 12yearold is marked by the royal dark blue colour of its label and outer box.


This special edition whisky, a gold medal winner at the 2016 International Spirits Challenge (ISC), will be offered in South Africa exclusively through the convenient online portal www.vinoteque.co.za, as well as via liquor outlets, for around R320 a 750 ml bottle, (while stocks last).

Consumers are encouraged to purchase their bottle of Scottish Leader 12yearold before stocks run out, due to a very limited supply to South Africa.



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