#FASHION: The ONLY Fashion Essence Of Spring Summer 2016

The ONLY spring/summer collection 2016 has finally arrived and is ready to take you out of the cold and directly enter a warm summer day with breezy vintage washed dresses, dashing raw denim details and a cool mix of the newest fashion styles. This season is all about attitude. The SS16 collection embraces three universes that capture the essence of ONLY and the hottest must-have trends this summer.

Our first universe is inspired by the cool and casual rock chick with ripped and destroyed denim details, studs, metal and skinny silhouettes. The rock girl is cool and casual and doesn’t care what other people think. She rocks the raw denim look and looks amazing in an effortless way.

Our second universe is all about seduction and feeling free. It combines loose silhouettes and body curve fits in a mixture of vintage washed denim and feminine patched details. This girl knows she’s sexy and she isn’t afraid to show it. Our third universe is inspired by the latest trends in fashion.

This season is all about reinventing the retro essentials from the seventies with denim at its core. The fashionista aces flared and high-waisted jeans and cropped denim tops. She is not afraid to mix fabrics and play with colours. This girl is a first mover and others admire her for her style and playful approach to fashion.

To capture the essence of our universes, we have teamed up with some of the best models and photographers in the world. The beautiful Rocky Barnes was shot by photographer Bjarke Johansen in the stunning surroundings of Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The breathtaking Alexandria Morgan was shot by the talented Henrik Bülow. The rock feeling was captured by the Danish model Katharina Damm. The amazing pictures were shot by Steen Sundland in Copenhagen in an atmosphere of smoke, rock guitars and band vibes.

We are very proud to present to you, the ONLY SS16 collection that combines the essence of ONLY and this seasons must-have items in every girls’ wardrobe.

For more information, please contact Kristinna Pedersen at kristinna.pedersen@bestseller.com


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