#FASHION: When Trends Are Not Enough – Get Vera Moda SS16

For VERO MODA’s latest campaign, the Danish creative director

Kim Grenaa from Grenaa Creative was asked to join the team. Kim worked closely with the Image Responsible from VERO MODA, and below he gives his take on how fashion, friends and VERO MODA come perfectly together this summer.


What is the story behind the campaign?
Quite simple: an enactment of the idea of the perfect summer. The summer of your dreams, the summer where time doesn’t exist, where friendships last forever, and where everything is just as it should be. That is the feeling, an almost mythical feeling, and that was what we tried to create.

How, then, did you work with current trends?
Well, actually we didn’t. We paid attention to the feel, the look and the styles – but today, trends are not all that interesting any more. Fashion trends are present: we have the denim trend, which is huge, white on white, and we acknowledge festival chic, but fashion leaders have their own style, and for the VERO MODA girl, friends come before fashion. She is all about her friends, and how she connects with them through fashion, so we incorporated that into the images instead. We have trends referred to in the images. Note the inclusion of a surfboard as a nod to the current surfer trend, or a Moroccan rug spread out by the pool. VERO MODA is fashion and trends, but the most important thing is connecting.


How was the models chosen?
At VERO MODA, the aim from the very start has been to create something special. Something where the feeling and the vibe emanate in a way that people can relate to – in an accessible way.

The four strikingly beautiful girls are actually friends in real life, and not just friends for the sake of the camera. This emanates from all the images in a very palpable way. The connection is deep and heartfelt, and in a time where everything is about the individual, this represents something special, that “we” is sometimes more important than “me”. The models are the new generation of Danish beauty; they are clever girls with ambition and style.

If we were to take one thing with us from the images, what should it be?
The eternity of summer. The vibrant feeling of timelessness. And, of course, that fashion is to be played with. No rules, just what you feel it should be.



#Womenswear #SummerLove #VeraModa


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