#FASHION: Wearels -Shopping Local Designer Brands

Wearels.co.za, home to many South African high-end brands, offers consumers a unique opportunity when getting their shopping fix to support local entrepreneurs.

Wearels.co.za prides itself for having unique and trendy brands that reflect the individual perspectives and styles of South Africans.  From the signature headwear of Simon and Mary to the unexpected yet empowering range from Marethcolleen or even the classic, natural cow hides, every brand on Wearels.co.za represents a collaboration of artists and designers who possess an independent sense of beauty.

Whether you’re searching for fashion forward swimwear to essential home goods or beauty products, you will be able to satisfy your needs with Wearels.co.za. Prices range from R100 to R5 500

For more information or to place your Wearels.co.za order, visit their website on www.wearels.co.za or follow the brand on their social media channels: http://www.facebook.com/wearels.co.za/ | Twitter: @wearels_za | Instagram: @ wearels_za


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