#FASHION: Andy Tankmar x CORE by Jack & Jones

Spring 2016 is all about multi-talented Danish artist Andy Tankmar.
This is the second time Andy Tankmar collaborates with CORE by JACK & JONES with his distinctive design following up on the latest successful capsule collection from AW 2015.
The collection for SS16 is called I AM NOT LOST and consists mainly of shirts and T-shirts playing with flags and interesting prints, a high quality and detailed leather jacket, sweatpants and jeans.

The design is very distinctive with surprising details and bright pink colour pops are seen throughout the collection – it boldly breaks the strong monochrome look.

Details include key hangers attached to sleeves, patch flags and a double layered T-shirt ripped and cut open. The more you look, the more interesting and surprising details reveal themselves.
Andy Tankmar has a very strong and personal way of interpreting his life and his experiences in a way that reflects the CORE by JACK & JONES DNA in its graphics, print placements and statements and overall more daring design.

In the words of the artist:
“The line is called I AM NOT LOST and I am referring to my own lifestyle which sometimes can seem lost and hopeless for other people. This collection symbolizes the hard work, the times without money, the sacrifices, the lows, the times I have been close to giving up, the times when I felt like an outcast. These are my secrets that I don’t reveal to social media. I AM NOT LOST. I am myself and hope you will be too – don’t be afraid to be an outcast”



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