#FASHION: Core by Jack and Jones SS16 – 360 Visual Impact

This season CORE by JACK & JONES takes visual impact into a 360° spin. Mixed with clean and sharp lines and sporty references, the unique graphic placements and laser cut techniques create a wide product offering that fits well.

Almost every style has its own unique detailing and new print placements that calls for a closer look.

Staying true to the essence of CORE by JACK & JONES we worked with sharp and clean lines, but this collection has some super minimal items and details like concealed plackets, minimalist fabrications and a clever use of colour. Our graphic expression and location has also been expanded into a varied and coherent offering. This strong graphical expression and colour pop brings energy and freshness into the collection”, says Design Manager Anthony Lavender.

The colour pop has just as surprising placements as the graphic prints and all items go very well together, creating a collection that is easy to work with for the consumer.

“This collection is a wider product offering that fits very well together”, says Anthony. “It is super easy to match the different styles being clean, sharp and only interrupted by thought-through detailing like the contrast backers and ergonomic cutting. Basically it’s about expanding the consumers’ choices and making it easy to pick and match pieces from the CORE by JACK & JONES universe. It’s about feeling confident within the offerings”, Anthony continues.

Anthony also mentions the garment remix and mixing of fabrics as other keywords for this season’s collection.


New techniques: burn outs and laser

As another very visual strong impact, this collection uses new techniques to enhance the sharp, sports inspired universe it works within. Laser cuts, graphic ventilation and burn outs have found their way to the urban landscape of CORE by JACK & JONES. In this mix of techniques, artworks emerge.

The way the techniques and graphics build together is a 360° experience. The print placements bring a strong visual impact while there’s a certain tangibility to the laser cuts and burn outs. Somewhere in this combination, artworks come alive. The collection stands clean but the energy is everywhere”, Anthony describes.



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