#COLLECTION: Hauz Of Lenze Spring Summer 2017 – Enough Is My New Freedom

“Enough Is My New Freedom”

He shot the door and walked away leaving me bruised… Shattered and naked.

My self-worth, loyalty was stripped off minute after minute until there was nothing left in my personality. I was almost losing the meaning of being a woman; my femininity had reached its expiry date. I felt empty, trapped in a world I called love.

Yet I never forgot about that strong and great woman I was growing to become; that powerful woman that lived inside a soul that had been insulted, emotionally beaten, called worthless names, waiting for that day resurrection would knock on her caged soul and set it free.

That day when the power of light will cause darkness to lose its dignity, then the light will shine through her soul once again bringing her hope and belief for a better life and a new journey to endless possibilities.

Today I stand next to my possibilities because that strong and powerful woman has been reborn, saying “enough” to all these bruises is the only way my new strong, powerful me can be separated from the darkness I was called home.

Don’t let loyalty become slavery. Let your story inspire and change lives.

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‘Enough Is My New Freedom’ is the latest fashion story by Johannesburg-based fashion label, Hauz Of Lenze. As a presentation of the spring summer 2017 story, it depicts a story of turmoil, revival and a newly forged marriage between woman and her powerful self through the use of texture, colour and fabric. The collection is poised, elegant and articulate. It’s a grouping of party and evening dresses, with the venturing into wedding gowns for the modern woman.


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