#CULTURE: #InnerCityWineRoute Celebrates 1st Birthday

Wednesday, 12 October saw Tuning The Vine’s #InnerCityWineRoute experience its 1st Birthday! To celebrate, the line-up of tasting venues was extended to a new record of 19 spots. Alas, in our adventure to taste the wonders of the vino, we did not make it to all 19 spots. We did, however, manage to forge our way through 8 venues, including: HQ, 91 Loop, La Parada, The Gin Bar, and Boston – to name a few.


Along the way we managed to hustle a few new friendships and bustle the streets with love and laughter. It might be apparent that three’s a crowd, but I can definitely assure you more than that is a good party! And why not? We were celebrating after all. Tuning The Vine turning 1, 40 wine producers, 19 hot spots in Cape Town – what more can you ask for.


Anyway, enough blah blah blah… Here are some pics from the night, thanks to photographer Mzwakhe Tshabalala – who also on occasion, swigged a taste or two of wine along the magical #InnerCityWineRoute…


img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-1 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-2 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-3 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-4 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-5 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-6 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-7 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-8 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-9 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-10

img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-11 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-12 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-13 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-14 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-15 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-16 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-17 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-18 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-19 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-20

img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-21 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-22 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-23 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-24 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-25 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-26 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-27 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-28 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-29 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-30

img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-31 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-32 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-33 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-34 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-35 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-36 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-37 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-38 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-39 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-40

img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-41 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-42 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-43 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-44 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-45 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-46 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-47 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-48 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-49 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-50

img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-51 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-59 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-58 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-57 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-56 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-55 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-54 img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-53img-innercitywineroute-1st-birthday-52

So if this is more than enough temptation, then I suggest you head on over to Tuning The Vine on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on the next installment, 2nd Wednesday of November. It promises to be a jol.

Thank you, Zweeks for the gorgeous images! We love you!


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