#FashionWeek: #PFW – Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2017 by Nicolas Ghesquiere


Ascending from a flight of stairs in Louis Vuitton’s new superstore in Paris, the show begins with a neutral grey jersey-dress with a hip-slit in place. Partially asymmetrical and completely drowning in glamour the collection proceeds into a flurry of cut geometrics, muscular glamour in feminine fabrications. Doses of silver and gold create a type of constellation for what is become apparent as a collection with a more sci-fi feel to it than one would like to admit.

Its edgy and somewhat battleground-ready aesthetic has you wondering if she’s the Heroine in her own story or possibly here to save us from ourselves. Favourite elements include the suiting aspects of the collection that include rather sharply tailored blazers and skirts or overflowing one-button blazers with skirts. There are two very specific silhouettes: 1) The hour-glass blazer and pants suit featuring a blazer which perches out at the high-waist and almost falls off with extremely fitted trousers (almost spray on, I would say); 2) The almost-sweetheart boob dress come-party dress – in leather too!

img-louis-vuitton-2 img-louis-vuitton-3 img-louis-vuitton-4 img-louis-vuitton-5 img-louis-vuitton-6

Overall, the collection embodies a strong young woman who understands the opportunity to be a lady and in the same token, explore her own sexuality and sensuality. The constant play between soft, thin knits and leather and silks and double-layered cottons makes for a strong staple wardrobe for the season with pieces easily interchangeable with others to create whole new looks. See-through sheers with body-armour type undergarments make for interesting play-wear (cocktail party or gala dinner) and the interstellar diamond studded gowns leave you yearning for the red carpet.

SIDEBAR: Look out for the zip details on the trousers, which feature in Chanel as slits in dresses and skirts. The accessory I ready to kill for is the iPhone cover – gold, geometric with a tassel. The blue block-heel half boot is definitely my shoe of the moment. Shoulder and hip slits are the in thing.



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