#FashionWeek: #PFW – Celine Spring Summer 2017 by Phoebe Philo


Phoebe Philo, of Celine, must have clearly gathered all her fabulous career-girls slash party-animals for a brainstorm session while prepping for this collection. From the very first look there was an element of work-to-go-party. Flared lace trousers underneath tapered tailored wide(ish) leg pants, pairs with a simple dress shirt and single button blazers. How do you not want to go and party after work when you look like that.

Dresses are airy, light, tailored, twisted, gathered, played-with, folded-over and remind me of jellyfish movements. They float with every movement made, unquivering, undoubtedly, formidably. When they are in more of a shape, they have a seductively innocent silhouette, made fun with an interesting paint motif or asymmetrical cut. Philo undoubtedly enjoys experimenting with shape, volume and the results of considering fabric and its opportunities when you understand pattern-making better.

img-celine-2 img-celine-3 img-celine-4 img-celine-5 img-celine-6 img-celine-7 img-celine-8

There’s definitely a trend this season with suiting for women. What I’m enjoying is the fact that it’s an opportunity to play in a much more feminine manner with the shape and its fabrications than in previous seasons. Although there’s a temptation to make it quite masculine, it somewhat becomes more commanding when it reminds you of a woman. The colour palette is also rather privy to the season. Featuring predominantly earthy, mild colours, nuances of the season are struck with certain colours: whether burnt for a more intoxicating flush of colour or painted deeply in a rich hue – the colours swig of formal fun.

SIDEBAR: Look out for the strappy mix-matched big-toe sandals. The super large square bag – it looks like it could fit all of our lives in it. The beautifully minimalist Celine sneakers. Blue is seemingly a popular colour for the season. Tightly cinched waistlines.



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